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State Dental Plan and Dental Plus

Selecting the right dental coverage for you and your family has never been easier. PEBA offers two plans to offset your dental expenses. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina processes dental claims.


State Dental Plan

The State Dental Plan offers four classes of treatment: diagnostic and preventive; basic benefits; prosthodontics; and orthodontics. Features of the Plan include:

  • A maximum $1,000 annual benefit for each covered member; and
  • A lifetime $1,000 orthodontics benefit for each covered child age 18 and younger.


Dental Plus

Dental Plus is a fully-insured supplement to the State Dental Plan. You must also enroll in the State Dental Plan and cover the same family members under both plans. Dental Plus gives you even more coverage with the added benefit of a higher allowed amount. Features of Dental Plus include:

  • A maximum $2,000 annual benefit for each covered member; and
  • No additional orthodontics benefits for children in the State Dental Plan.



You can enroll during:

  • Your initial enrollment;
  • Open enrollment in October of odd-numbered years; or
  • A special eligibility situation.


Order a replacement card

Visit or call BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina at 888.214.6230. You will need your Benefits Identification Number (BIN). If you don’t know your BIN, log in to MyBenefits and select Get My BIN.


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