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Please know that everyone at PEBA recognizes that we can’t administer the benefits* we offer without you. Your on-site administration of these benefits, which includes reporting, submitting of contributions and/or premiums, and so many other responsibilities, is invaluable to us and to your employees. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to make the various parts of the benefits administration process as quick and easy as possible.


*We realize that some of you may participate in a PEBA-administered retirement plan but do not offer PEBA-administered insurance programs, and vice versa. Insurance program information for employers is located here and retirement plan information for employers is located here.


Get the latest updates and information

One of the best ways to always have the latest information and updates about PEBA’s insurance programs and retirement plans is to keep your contact information current on both PEBA’s Employee Benefits Services (EBS) website and Electronic Employer Services (EES) website. PEBA uses the contact information you provide to send emails with essential updates and information. As we continually review our processes to improve our service to you, we will be expanding our email outreach programs, so it is even more important now to be sure your contact information on the EBS and EES websites is always up to date.


Use our benefits manuals

Insurance benefits

PEBA publishes an updated Benefits Administrator Manual on our website every calendar year. This manual provides you with information about just about anything related to the administration of PEBA’s insurance programs. We produce this resource for you, so please let us know if this publication isn’t meeting your needs by reaching out to our Employer Services Department.


Retirement benefits

PEBA publishes an updated Covered Employer Procedures Manual on our website every fiscal year. This manual provides you with information about just about anything related to the administration of PEBA’s retirement plans. We produce this resource for you, so please let us know if this publication isn’t meeting your needs by reaching out to our Employer Services Department.


Ready-to-use resources at your fingertips

In keeping with our commitment to make sure you have the resources you need and can provide information to your employees as quickly and easily as possible, PEBA offers a variety of resources which are explained in more detail on the Insurance Employers and Retirement Employers web pages, respectively. Here’s a quick look at some of the ready-to-use information available:


  • Health Hub  – This website provides a collection of online resources you can download and use to support whatever health issue you’d like to spotlight for your employees.
  • Turnkey toolkits – This web page includes links to a variety of pre-packaged retirement benefits information that you can either forward to your employees by mail or post to your Intranet, or print and distribute as necessary.
  • Employer services - PEBA is committed to providing you with the information you need to administer your employees’ benefits. Here’s a list of insurance and retirement resources available to you.
  • Presentations – Direct your employees to our Insurance Resources page and Retirement Resources page for benefits information presentations.
  • Videos – Direct your employees to PEBA’s YouTube channel for insurance and retirement benefits informational videos.
  • Social media sites – check PEBA’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and YouTube channel for information about PEBA’s benefits and health and retirement topics in general.
  • 2016-2017 Training calendar


Information for entities interested in participating in PEBA-administered benefits programs

PEBA offers several insurance products/programs to more than 436,000 people (including spouses and dependents) throughout South Carolina. PEBA is responsible for the prudent fiscal stewardship of the funds and for helping to ensure that the State Health Plan remains an affordable yet comprehensive option for the state’s public employers, employees and retirees.


PEBA manages retirement plans for nearly 549,000 of South Carolina’s workforce by serving as the fiduciary stewards of the contributions and disbursements of the pension trust funds. In partnership with the state’s public employers, PEBA helps ensure that the state’s public employers can offer their employees a comprehensive retirement plan that is responsive to their needs and is equitable to all stakeholders.


More than 850 employer groups participate in PEBA insurance and/or retirement benefits programs including state agencies, public colleges and universities, public school districts, as well as local subdivisions such as counties and municipalities.


Applying for participation

If your entity is eligible for participation in the benefits plans and programs PEBA offers and you would like to learn more about becoming a participating employer, please review the following information:


Insurance benefits


Retirement benefits

Becoming a Participating Employer flier – This flier provides an overview of the retirement plans available to eligible entities.



If you are not approved for participation, Employer Services will notify you as to the reason for non-approval.


Deferred Compensation Program

PEBA contracts with Empower Retirement to administer the South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program. If your entity is interested in participating, contact Nancy Ornduff, client relationship director, as 803.317.9249 or


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