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At PEBA, we understand that we couldn’t administer our retirement plans without you. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to make your part of the benefits administration process as quick and easy as possible.


Electronic Employer Services website

Electronic Employer Services (EES) is a secure, online website that provides authorized users with instant access to member account information for their employees. EES also enables employers to enroll new employees, submit retiree return-to-work information, upload employer payroll data, and prepare monthly and quarterly contribution reports (not applicable for employers on the Comptroller General’s payroll).


To use EES you will need to complete and send PEBA the following forms:


Once you’ve completed the forms and have been approved, a confidential user identification (ID) will be sent to you in the mail. A personal identification number (PIN) will follow in a separate mailing. A detailed description of EES and an explanation of its many functions can be in the Covered Employer Procedures Manual.


Use our Covered Employer Procedures Manual

PEBA publishes an updated Covered Employer Procedures Manual on our website every fiscal year. This manual provides you with information about just about anything related to the administration of PEBA’s retirement plans. We produce this resource for you, so please let us know if this publication isn’t meeting your needs by reaching out to our Employer Services Department.


Turnkey toolkits

PEBA produces information packages that you can access on our Turnkey toolkits web page and either forward to your employees by email or post to your Intranet, or print and distribute as needed to any employees at your worksite who may not have access to electronic communications. The Turnkey toolkits web page also includes packaged retirement awareness materials you can share with your employees to help make them aware of the importance of planning and saving for their future.


Contribution rates

More information about contribution rates is in Chapter 3 of the Covered Employer Procedures Manual. Information on the Retirement System Funding and Administration Act of 2017 can be found here. Each employer’s credit amount is available here.


Member contributions


FY 2020 employer contributions (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

1 Rates are applicable only to employers covered under these programs.

2 For State ORP participants, 5 percent of the employer contribution is remitted directly to the participant's State ORP investment provider.


The Retirement System Funding and Administration Act of 2017 set a schedule of future employer contribution rate increases. View the scheduled increases here.


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