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Retirement awareness

Regardless of how we define retirement awareness, PEBA believes it is important to start planning for a secure financial future and to recognize that there are emotional preparedness components to consider to get ready for life after you quit working. That’s why we created the following informational and educational resources for you. We encourage you to use these resources and take action now to help secure your financial future.


  • Get Set for Retirement - preretirement seminar

    If you are within a few years of retirement eligibility, PEBA's Get Set for Retirement is designed for you. This one-day seminar provides an overview of the benefits you can expect to receive from your PEBA-administered retirement plan. The seminar also covers other issues you should consider as you approach retirement, like eligibility for retiree insurance and Medicare. Presenters include PEBA staff as well as representatives from the South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program and the Social Security Administration. You may view the seminar agenda here.

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    If you are attending a Get Set for Retirement seminar, you may want to print the presentations and bring them with you, or download to your laptop or tablet and bring the laptop or tablet with you to the seminar.


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  • Early- and mid-career seminar

    When you are a long way from being eligible to retire, it is difficult to understand the importance of taking action to save and invest so you can have a secure financial future. On average, PEBA’s retirement plans provide about 50 percent of your active employment income. At best, Social Security may provide up to 40 percent. While this may seem sufficient at first glance, there are a lot of other variables to consider.

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    PEBA's Retirement Starts Now seminar explains what you need to consider and how you can take action now to help ensure you have a secure financial future. Your employer can schedule this seminar at your workplace. You can also view the seminar by clicking the links below.


  • Be aware and prepare educational series

    PEBA’s retirement awareness educational series is designed to provide you with information that can help you make smart decisions about your financial future. These presentations build upon information in the previous presentations, so we recommend you view them in sequential order to get the most benefit from the information provided.

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    "Planning for Your Future, Part One: Creating a Budget"

    This is the first presentation in our new series of retirement awareness information and education. In this presentation, you can learn how to create a budget and why it is a good idea to do so.



    "Planning for Your Future, Part Two: Setting Financial Goals and Building a Financial Safety Net"

    This is the second presentation in our retirement awareness education series. In this presentation, you can learn strategies for setting financial goals and methods for building a financial safety net and hear about the reasons why it is important to begin thinking about and planning for a secure financial future.



    "Saving for Your Future"

    This third presentation in PEBA’s retirement awareness education series provides an overview of the retirement benefits PEBA administers, takes a look at a number of available savings options and explains how simple and compound interest work. A savings program is an essential component to ensuring a secure financial future.



    "Investing for Your Future"

    The fourth presentation in PEBA’s retirement awareness education series provides an overview of the investment tools and resources available through the South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program (SCDCP) and the State Optional Retirement Program (State ORP) investment providers. Many of these resources are available to all employees and are not limited to participants of SCDCP or State ORP.


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Retirement benefits videos

PEBA’s YouTube channel features a variety of videos designed to provide you with overviews of your retirement benefits and to highlight topics of which you might otherwise be unaware.


Retirement benefits resources page

Go to our Retirement Resources page to view our various publications, find out more about using online account access and learn about how we provide engaging benefits information on our social media sites.


Additional retirement awareness information

Here are some other resources that may be helpful to you. PEBA does not endorse any outside products or services.


  • | Investopedia says its mission is to empower the investing and financial community with the knowledge to make intelligent financial decisions.
  • | The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has a robust array of investment tools and calculators. FINRA is an independent, not-for-profit organization.
  • | Mint is a free service you can use online or on a mobile device to manage your personal finances.
  • | BudgetTracker is a free money management service that you can use online or on a mobile device.


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