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Vision care

Good vision is crucial for work and play. It is also a significant part of your health. An annual eye exam can help detect serious illnesses. You can have an exam once a year and get either frames/lenses or contacts. EyeMed administers the State Vision Plan.


State Vision Plan

If you are eligible, you and your covered family members can enroll in the State Vision Plan. Coverage includes:

  • Comprehensive eye exams;
  • Frames;
  • Lenses and lens options; and
  • Contact lens services and materials.


The Plan also offers discounts on:

  • Extra pairs of eyeglasses;
  • Contact lenses; and
  • LASIK and PRK vision correction.


For diabetics, the Plan also offers coverage for:

  • Office service visits;
  • Retinal imaging;
  • Extended ophthalmoscopies;
  • Gonioscopies; and
  • Scanning lasers.



You can enroll in the State Vision Plan during:

  • Your initial enrollment;
  • Open enrollment in October; or
  • A special eligibility situation.


Identification cards

After your initial enrollment, you will receive two identification cards from EyeMed. You can also access your digital identification card from the EyeMed mobile app. If you need to order a replacement card, visit or call EyeMed at 877.735.9314. You will need your Benefits Identification Number (BIN). If you don’t know your BIN, log in to MyBenefits and select Get My BIN.


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