Naturally Slim is rebranding

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Naturally Slim is changing its name to Wondr Health™ on May 13, 2021. Naturally Slim is about much more than weight loss. The program also teaches skills that help people sleep better, move more and stress less. Their current name doesn’t do the best job conveying that, so they’re changing it.

On May 13, PEBA and BlueCross will update their websites. The name change will be reflected in 2022 publications when they are available later this year. The program will continue to be available at no cost to eligible members.

Our next class begins June 14, 2021, and the application will be available May 17 through May 30. State Health Plan members, including spouses and dependent children ages 18 and older, are eligible to apply. Medicare-primary members are also eligible to apply. Participants in the June class will experience the new look of the Wondr Health program.