Resources for a better you

Are you ready to get on track with your health but not sure where to start? The good thing is you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The State Health Plan offers a variety of resources, most of which are available at no cost to you. Preventing potentially expensive health problems and hospital admissions may control medical costs, which saves you and the Plan money.

PEBA Perks

It’s always better to address a health issue before it becomes a health crisis. PEBA Perks are available at no cost to State Health Plan primary members at network providers and pharmacies.

Well visits

Well visits may be a key part of preventive care. They can reassure you that you are as healthy as you feel or prompt you to ask questions about your health.


The State Health Plan offers two telehealth options, and both are an easy way to be treated for common conditions. The options are available 24/7, but are not meant to replace your primary care provider.

Patient-centered medical homes

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) offers a team approach to care to help you reach your goals for better health. Plus, you can save money when you use a PCMH.

Health coaching

A health coach can help you with behavioral health issues, chronic conditions, healthy lifestyles and maternity support. Health coaching is available online or via phone at no cost.

Hello Heart

Hello Heart is an easy-to-use program that helps you track, understand and manage your heart health from the privacy of your own phone. The Hello Heart program is offered at no cost to eligible State Health Plan primary members ages 18 and older.


Sign up for Strive, a digital health platform that helps you build healthy habits. You’ll get daily cards customized to your goals to help you explore new ways to get healthier and earn rewards.


Virta is a medically supervised, research-backed program that can help you reverse Type 2 diabetes. With Virta you can naturally lower and control your average blood sugar (HbA1c) while also reducing or eliminating diabetes medication and losing weight. Virta is offered at no cost to eligible State Health Plan primary members ages 18 and older.

Wondr Health

Learn the skills to lose weight and keep it off while still eating your favorite foods in this 10-week, clinically-proven online program. Wondr Health is available at no cost to you.

Hospital quality

If you have time to plan ahead for an inpatient or outpatient procedure, you can research the quality of care you may expect to receive at the hospital.