At PEBA, we understand that you are an important part of the benefits we administer and that you have many responsibilities as a result. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to make your part of the benefits administration process as quick and easy as possible. Our Employer Services department can help you administer insurance benefits and retirement benefits.

Insurance benefits

Employee Benefits Services

Employee Benefits Services (EBS) is a secure, online site through which you can access your subscribers’ insurance enrollment information and your group’s reporting data and billing reports. Once you have a login, you can enroll your subscribers, view their benefits, make changes to their coverage and approve changes your subscribers make using MyBenefits.

To use EBS, complete the EBS employer forms. If your group uses a third-party enroller (TPE), the TPE employer forms must also be completed.

Benefits Administrator Manual

The Benefits Administrator Manual provides you with information about anything related to the administration of PEBA’s insurance programs.

Billing and accounting information

Helpful resources for you about billing and accounting information are available on our Publications page under Insurance, then Employers.

Health Hub

The PEBA Health Hub provides access to an ever-expanding collection of online resources you can download and share with your employees. Ready-to-use toolkits include posters, flyers, email templates and digital banners. The materials cover a variety of issues such as PEBA Perks, cold and flu season, and oral health.

Retirement benefits

Electronic Employer Services

Electronic Employer Services (EES) is a secure, online website through which you can access your employees’ retirement account information. EES also allows you to enroll new employees, submit retiree return-to-work information, upload employer payroll data, and prepare monthly and quarterly contribution reports (not applicable for employers on the Comptroller General’s payroll).

To use EES, complete the EES employer forms.

Covered Employer Procedures Manual

The Covered Employer Procedures Manual provides you with information about anything related to the administration of PEBA’s retirement plans.

Becoming a participating employer

PEBA provides affordable and comprehensive insurance and retirement benefits. More than 850 employer groups participate in one or both benefits. Employers include state agencies, public school districts and public institutions of higher education. They also include optional employers, like counties and municipalities.

Insurance benefits

The Optional Employer Handbook will help you learn about the program and eligibility requirements; understand the requirements and conditions for participation; and find out more about the steps required to enroll in the program. If your entity is interested in joining the state insurance benefits program, the first step is to complete the Optional Employer Eligibility Determination Request and submit it to PEBA at least six months before your desired effective date for insurance coverage. It’s important to note that optional employers are subject to experience rating of health premiums.

Retirement benefits

The Becoming a Participating Employer flyer will help you understand what retirement benefits are available, as well as costs and participation requirements. If your entity is interested in joining the South Carolina Retirement System or Police Officers Retirement System, the first step is to complete an Employer Eligibility Determination Request (Form 6500).

Deferred Compensation Program

Empower Retirement administers this program on behalf of PEBA. Contact Nancy Ornduff at 803.317.9249 or nancy.ornduff@empower-retirement.com to learn more about participating in Deferred Comp.