Open enrollment resources for employers

During open enrollment, eligible subscribers may change their coverage for the upcoming year. Any changes they make during open enrollment take effect January 1, 2023. Employers can find helpful resources to use during open enrollment below.

Your responsibility as an employer

  • Review other insurance products you may offer. You may not offer an insurance benefit that is available through PEBA. You may offer products not available through PEBA; however, premiums for those products may not be paid pretax through MoneyPlus.
  • Complete the ACA requirements for the Standard Administrative Period.
  • Distribute hard copies of federally mandated notices to employees.
  • Provide employees with a link to PEBA’s open enrollment webpage,
  • Encourage employees to use MyBenefits to:
    • Review current coverage and life insurance beneficiaries, even if they don’t plan to make changes.
    • Make open enrollment changes and upload supporting documentation.
  • Prepare and issue the COBRA initial notice(s), if applicable.
  • Approve all employee-initiated transactions in EBS in a timely manner. Review the Suspense Inquiry in EBS daily and correct any errors in a timely manner. Document all changes for appropriate recordkeeping.
  • In December, log in to EBS to view Report HIS759 for a list of open enrollment transactions that have not been approved. PEBA will purge outstanding transactions in mid-December.
  • Confirm January 2023 payroll deductions correspond with approved open enrollment transactions. Advise employees to review payroll deductions in January.
  • Submit updated SLTD salary information.

Publications and resources

How to make changes

The easiest way for subscribers to make coverage selections during open enrollment is through MyBenefits (

Keep in mind that changes to existing dental coverage can be made during open enrollment only in odd-numbered years. The next opportunity for subscribers to make a change will be October 2023 or within 31 days of a special eligibility situation.

Some coverage changes, including enrolling a dependent who is not currently covered under any benefit, require supporting documentation. Subscribers can upload documents through MyBenefits. PEBA must receive the documents by December 1 to approve the changes. Members can learn how to upload documents in our “Uploading Supporting Documents in MyBenefits” video.

Life insurance changes during open enrollment

Employees may enroll in or increase their Optional Life coverage up to $50,000 without medical evidence.

To enroll in or increase Optional Life coverage more than $50,000 or to enroll in or increase Dependent Life-Spouse coverage, employees must complete a Notice of Election (NOE), sign it and return it to their benefits administrator by October 31, 2022. Employees must complete a Statement of Health online to provide medical evidence. They will receive an email from MetLife that includes a link to the form on MetLife’s MyBenefits platform. You will submit the NOE to PEBA if you receive approval for coverage from MetLife. Be sure to include a copy of the MetLife approval report with the NOE.

View the Electronic life insurance Statement of Health process for complete instructions.

Employees should make all other open enrollment changes through MyBenefits.